Saturday, November 8, 2008

Never say never

I felt that we are lacking some action in our rainbow, so I decided to start with Gustav's book. I haven't had any specific idea to develop. I took one of the photos that I made this week in the streets of Tel-Aviv with lot of graffiti and it was my inspiration. I wanted to take it to a little bit more abstract direction, but didn't succeed. "Never say never" was real caption on one of the walls.
Marty, now you won't be bookless!


benconservato said...

woaa! Your work is always so crazy! I love it! Nice addition.

Anna Denise said...

This group is SO awesome!!!

Marty Harris said...

Dig it!! Looking forward to adding my bit.

marina said...

thank you, friends!
Marty, I'm sending it tommorow.

Marty Harris said...

Sorry that it has taken me so long. I will start and finish this book this week. I'll send it by Monday.

That's my big plan.