Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I'm sorry I was late to finish your moleskine, Lady Orlando.

It's not boring for me to draw for moly exchange. It's merely hard to draw only with yellow.

There are a lot of things I can't do although I want to do.

Anyway, I finished. The title of my work is based on my impression when I first looked at the Mermaids of Lady Orlando. I was moved.

Then I'll send your moleskine to Emma in Australia. I have to ask her about her new address.


benconservato said...

Beautiful Gustav!
It is challenging to create in just one colour I agree.
I'll send you my address, you'll get an email soon.

Marty Harris said...

Excellent, my friend! One color, and that color is yellow. Very challenging. You make it work.

Lady Orlando said...

After I made my entry I realized how hard is to work with just one colour but you made a beautiful work. I think light colours are the toughest to work with.

I love it, thank you ^^

szaza said...

It's a fantastic entry and you use yellow so well. Great job!

marina said...

Very tender and flowing drawing! You right, yellow is one of hardest, but you did it wonderfull!

benconservato said...

Got it Gustav!

Gustav Klim said...

I'm happy.

Wow, Emma. I'm looking forward to seeing your Greeeeen. I'm excitingly wondering whether my disease will be getting better or worse.

Thank you all!