Monday, March 16, 2009

Swinging Princess

Here is my blue drawing at Yoda's book. I was under an influence of my little daughter's costume. Last week it was Purim holiday, at which we dress up with costumes. All the week long she was wearing her Fairy-Princes costume, many times almost sleeping with it. Yoda, I hope you like it!

I was just wondering, where is my book now?


Lady Orlando said...

Thank you, Marina, is so lovely, not only because of the image but the whole story is.

Thank you so much :)

benconservato said...

Oh Marina, I just love the freedom of your style, it is just wonderful... I am sure, if you ask that Marty Man, he could tell you under which pile of Moleskines yours in hiding... hey Marty!

szaza said...

Marina, this is amazing!
I also love the freedom of your style, your work makes me happy every time I see it. Beautiful!

marina said...

Thank you so much, Yoda, Emma and Samantha!
I'm happy that you like it!

Marty Harris said...

Such a joy to see your work. I love following you in this group. I got a good start on GK's book last night.

I will send it soon. I look forward to getting this one.

Marty Harris said...

One day I will be in Israel for Purim.

marina said...

yay, Marty! Thanks a lot for your kind words. I had fun.
And I keep waiting for you coming here! One day!