Wednesday, May 28, 2008

the rainbow exchange/Moly29

hello everyone!

so excited to have this rainbow colour coded exchange up and running.

the idea behind this particular exchange is for each person in the group to use one colour from the rainbow to create the work on their 3/4 moly pages. No theme as such, but just to use the colour...and that colour only - no black!
here is the final line up and exchange order:

Jill - Red
Jim McBride - orange
Gustav Klim - yellow
Emma - Green
Marina - Blue
Marty - indigo
Szaza - violet

as ever, it would be great to have a bit of blending between the colours when the work is exchanged.
if we all have our Molys at the ready, shall we begin?
How shall we co-ordinate everyones addresses - all email to Marty, or me, or emma? What is the best way?


szaza said...

This is going to be really fun!
I'm so happy to be a part of such a great group.

Marty Harris said...

RE: Addresses.
I recommend that each person ask the person they are sending to for that person's address. Keep it personal and a little more private.

Got a book. Ready to go. I asked Jill to post a rainbow on the blog, so I know the difference between blue, indigo, and violet. I told her that I am rainbow challenged here in the USA. We have an abbreviated little six color rainbow. Even the word "color" is missing a letter.

Ollif said...

The topic of your group looks GREATR! I will keep on watching the art works (=