Thursday, July 22, 2010

5 Molys in a row... 'bout time!

Yes, I finally did them (a week in a secluded part of the north west Scottish highlands with no computer, no electricity and plenty of time were the key factor)
I have photographed them all together to get the impact of all the colours.

HUGE apologies for delaying this exchange.

WHO to send them to? Who is orange?


benconservato said...

I actually have no idea who orange is anymore. Could we convince Lady Orlando back in, or is she truly out? Anyone else got an idea for an orange person (no pun intended).

benconservato said...

Forgot to say how wonderful they look, especially together, we should definitely have an exhibition of them altogether one day. Thanks Jill for showing us and working so hard to get them done.

marina said...

WOW! they look amazing together! Great job, Jill! it was worth waiting ;-)

szaza said...

You are AWESOME Jill!
Wow! I'm so impressed— definitely worth the wait :)

I think Yoda might still be in, I'll ask her.

Thanks again Jill!
Truly an awesome job.

Lady Orlando said...

Yes, I'm still orange and ready to work :D

EscapeHatch said...

WOW! What an incredible rainbow! These books would indeed make an amazing addition to any Moly_X exhibit, especially displayed together as they are here. Great, great work from everyone in this group. Glad to see you back at it!

benconservato said...

I've just realised mine is almost done, just two more people! I hope Gustave is still in too. I look forward to seeing what Yoda does in my book.

Marty Harris said...

OMG!! You rock, eventually. Sorry that I missed this post. I respond, eventually. Jill Calder is SOH worth the wait.

Marty Harris said...

Hey Jill. We have Andree Tracy in common. Did we already discuss this? This is her father Leo,

szaza said...

Yay!!! We are ROLLING!

szaza said...

Jill, have you sent them to Yoda?
She is still our orange.

Jill Calder said...

hi all, sorry if confusion reigns! My mum-in-law (Shaz Brown, a fellow Moly-x partcipant) was so exasperated at my not sending these lovely Molys onwards that she took the matter in hand and has sent them all back to the owners! I think you will have had mail/parcels from her by now.
Finally! Action, you say!
I have completed my part in them (red) but didnt have Yodas address so it all stalled again. I think I'll bow out disgracefuully now and you can let someone else in!

benconservato said...

The mystery is solved!
I was wondering all night why Shaz Brown had them, when I thought that some of them were in the Moly Show in Minneapolis. The intrigue.

I already sent a message to the people who were in the list asking who is orange, I have no idea if Yoda has decided to run away from this exchange too, time will tell. After all, she only ever drew in her book. Gustav as well?