Monday, July 28, 2008

Blue Bear

Here is my entry to Emma's moly.
It was challenging for me, because usually I don't draw animals so much. I hadn't any brilliant idea for my drawing. Yesterday I decided to take some animal that fits more ore less blue color and to go for it. That's what came out. And from now I love to draw bears!

Emma, I hope you like it!
Anyway, it was fun for me!


Marty Harris said...

Fun for me too. Very playful. Sweet.

marina said...

I sent the book today!
( I checked it before ;p )
Have fun!

Marty Harris said...

It's August 14th. I haven't seen this book, yet. I expect it any day now. Printmaking class is over. I should be able to catch up with all of the books at my house. Sent one today. Now I have three at my house.