Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Check in, where are you at?

Hello All,

I am posting this just to get an idea of where everyone is at?
Who has which Moleskine, where are you at with your own if you haven't sent it off yet...

Post a comment please.
Thanks, look forward to hearing from you all.


marina said...

I have yours, Emma! (didn't have time to start drawing yet...)
And I sent my to Marty.

szaza said...

I am working on Marty's right now, and should be sending it off in a few days.

Gustav Klim said...

I'm sorry I didn't finish my own.
And I didn't receive any of other member's.

benconservato said...

Don't stress Gustav, it is the holidays, and sometimes the end of important things, it was just quiet, I was just wondering.

Marty Harris said...

Samantha did her thing in my book. I have not received Marina's book yet. Can hardly wait.

szaza said...

I just sent Marty's book off to Jill yesterday.

Jill Calder said...

Hello folks - Oh I am *GUILTY*
I am still finishing my first RED book and will send to jim.
However, I have started Szaza's book and will send that on too.
Been a bit mental here trying to earn a buck and this got pushed to the back of the queue - apologies :-(

benconservato said...

earning a buck comes first sometimes, thanks people for checking in.

Jill Calder said...

Ok folks - here is the lowdown, as I have 2 books at the moment.
I just sent of MY one to Jim today.
I now have szaza's and also Marty's.
All the books look so fab - I can't wait to get them!!
Sorry for the delay - it has been a bit mental here.Who said there was a credit crunch going on?

benconservato said...

Where is Jim and Gustav?
Have you done anything in your books?