Thursday, June 12, 2008

Blue....started today

For a long time I couln't find somthing cool (blue) to draw. So I decided - today I'm starting! Now when I have Marty's very usefull guide (in case I'll spoil the pages) I can be brave!

I'll continue to work on this a little more, I think.

Oh, just wanted to say - this is a very beautiful banner! Great job!
(Marty and me have switched colors, but it dosen't matter ;p)


Marty Harris said...

Hello Blue.

This is so exciting. I get to follow you. Hmmmmm...What shall I do? Hurry, send it.

szaza said...

Oooh Marina, it's awesome!

benconservato said...

switching colours... were feeling unblue Marty?

Lovely lovely Marina!

Marty Harris said...

I've come unblued! We switched, because Marina follows me in another group. This way I follow her for a little change.