Saturday, June 7, 2008


The theme is "Smoke". I hope you all enjoy it. It came out a little more audacious and cartoony than I had hoped. I was aiming for something a little more sultry. I actually did the "smoke" twice. Ended up cutting the book apart and putting it back together with some spray adhesive, covering up the first version.

Here it comes, Szaza, aka. "Violet".


marina said...

Hey, Marty, you already did it!
Great start!
So free and "smoky"!
I totally love it!
Is it acrylic with lot of water?

Gustav Klim said...

I didn't notice it is the image of smoking woman at first.
I feel flowers or something.
Interesting and beautiful.
I feel the mystery of color.

marina said...

I thought that it was finished work!
I love it so much! (I wish it was in my book ;-))
Indigo fits you!

szaza said...

So very cool! There's such great texture and motion.
I can't wait to get it.

Marty Harris said...

Thank you all so much. Marina, I ended up using an acrylic paint. It's a very fluid acryilic colored with die like pthalo blue, so the color is very saturated. Eventually you will see that it is a very strange plastic texture, the thicker it is, the shinier it is.