Friday, June 20, 2008

I'm feeling lucky today.

I just received Marty's Marvelous Moly and Emma's from Moly-X13 today.

Marty, wow. There is so much energy in your brushstrokes! I like the shininess of the paint— it's all just so cool. It smells good too.


Marty Harris said...

Emma's book is SO cool. I wish I could paint in it. So much action. It seems full already.

Hey Violet, will you put a touch of your color into the "e" of smoke? Maybe I can get each person to wash a little of their color into a letter, in reverse order, so the smoke has a light rainbow in it.



benconservato said...

oh, thanks Marty, I am glad it is mine hehehehehee! I am glad you have it too, it has almost done "le tour" (I am speaking Franglais today if i say anything strange).

Good idea Marty, I'll have to remember to put a bit or kermit in your letters when I finally get your book.

szaza said...

Will do, Marty— and thank you for the postcard! Emma's work always is so great to see. I feel lucky to be in three groups with her and two with you! I have the idea for what I am going to draw in yours...

marina said...

So exciting to see the Molys met!