Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I'm scared to post mine...

So, after seeing Samantha's most recent post, I freaked because my frogs look just completely crazy and infantile next to it, but I guess I can't be paranoid.

oh look! A monkey!
I believe my Moleskine has a theme : The Beastiare (The Beasts : animals)


ksklein said...

hey, that´s silly. ;) you know, szaza´s work is fantastic, buuuut... your work is great too. and yes, it is completely different and you do have your own style. but isn´t that a good thing?

your frogs are great too.

Marty Harris said...

Great job, Kiddo! This group will rage!

marina said...

hey, Emma!
I love your frogs! So happy that I'm going to continue your drawing!
Great energy! (as always in your works!)

szaza said...

Whaa?! No no no!
I just saw yours on Flickr and I freaked because I thought mine was scrubby and not well done. I LOVE your frogs. They look so content! I love all the little textures and marks, the little monkey! I am such a huge fan of your work.